Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fab Five!

Five great things I'm happy about right now (in no particular order).....

1.)  It was finally warm enough (for a few days) for the girls to play outside!  
We've had all this snow, just begging to be played in, but it's been too, too, too cold!  

2.)  Hubby's new job is going well.  And if Hubby's happy, then I am happy.  We got the chance to visit his new office in the capitol and enjoy lunch with him last week.

3.)  Several weeks ago, we had the chance to celebrate with our friend who recently finished his cancer treatments and has no evidence of disease!  We got to stand along his driveway for a surprise party and welcome him and his wife home with sparklers!  What an amazing couple who have traveled a tough road with grace, courage, and humor!  

4.)  My aunt is battling cervical cancer....which is not a happy thing at all.  But what IS happy is the fact that her treatments are showing results and the tumor is shrinking -- great, great, great news!

5.)  Coffee and play-dates!  I recently had the chance to sit and talk with another mom over a wonderful cup of Caribou coffee, while our kids played cheerfully together.  What a great, stress-free day! 

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