Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tooth Be Told

We've hit another milestone of child development:
Lil' N lost her first tooth!   

The tooth pretty much went from not loose at sorta a day.  {Which is good news, since her permanent tooth was already on the way in.} After a day of wiggling, Lil' N ran in from the other room, tooth in hand.  When we asked her how she got it out, she explained,

"I was jumping up on the step-stool when...suddenly... KABLAM!  It was out."  {which really explains nothing.}

When faced with these unclear tooth-loosing circumstances,     Lil' R immediately piped up,
"When need a commission to figure this out!"

Really?  A commission?  What three-year-old says that?  I thought Hubby and I were going to pass out from laughing so hard!

And so with the first lost tooth came the first visit from the Tooth Fairy.  The thing that struck me funny was that Lil' N consistently referred to the Tooth Fairy as "HE" or "HIM."   Apparently, she likens the Tooth Fairy to The Rock -- which in this house, really was pretty spot-on.  After a little consulting on the going price for a tooth, Hubby {aka - the Tooth Fairy} made the swap.  And with one exchange of a baby tooth for a $1.50, I am forced yet again to admit that my babies are growing up.

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