Thursday, July 21, 2011

Third Thursday Thoughts {Alike, Yet Different}

Today, I am once again joining in with my Third Thursday Thoughts.  Today's topic is: How are you like your mom?  How are you different?

One way my mom and I are alike is in our skill for baking homemade cinnamon rolls.  There are very few things that I claim to have mastery over.  But if my mom is the master cinnamon roll maker, then I am her apprentice.  It's something I'm pleased to have learned from her, and happy to be teaching my own daughters.  (I even wrote a guest post at "Homegrown Mom" about  teaching your daughters to make cinnamon rolls!)

My mom and I are also both very involved in children's ministry at our respective churches.  My mom has been a huge part of kids' programming for over 20 a volunteer!  For nearly 5 years, I have worked as the part-time children's minister at our church.  We frequently discuss lesson ideas, curriculum, and Vacation Bible School planning, bouncing ideas off one another.


My mom and I differ in our locations:  she's a dairy farmer, living outside a small Iowa town.  I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  I know it would make my mother crazy to live in the city, but after a little adjustment period, I really enjoy being in a metro area.  (But I often joke with Hubby that it's a good thing he married a farm girl, so I'm tough enough to help him with all our home improvement projects.)

My mom and I also seem to operate at different speeds.  She seems to always be moving at warp-speed, while I prefer to have more down-time in our family's schedule. (But perhaps she's ready to learn some relaxing ways:  on our recent family vacation, my sister, and I convinced my mom to have a pedicure with us!)

My mom and step-dad with their 3 grand-kids.
*While looking for a picture to accompany this post, 
I realized another way Mom and I are alike:  
we're usually the ones behind the camera, not in the picture!

In what ways are you like your mom?  How are you different?

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