Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects

Last month, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of home ownership.  And as any home-owner knows, there are always, always, always projects on the "to-do" list.  And because our home is so old (it was built in 1892), there seem to be extra projects for that list.  But as I started thinking back on all we've managed to accomplish in the past two years, I began to feel pretty proud of us.  I also feel pretty blessed, because my handy hubby is able to provide the sweat equity for all of these times when I say, "Hey hun, I've got a great idea!"

So here are our Top 10 Home Improvement Projects 
(thus far, and in no particular order.)

1. Curb appeal

 2.   New entrance, fence, and door.

3. Replacing the deck

4.  Putting in a patio door

5. Replacing the old, mauve carpet with hardwood flooring in the living and dining rooms.
(As well as removing wall paper & painting.)

6.  Un-landscaping the backyard (Removing trees, shrubs, & overgrown plants.)

7.  Removing the pond in the backyard.  (It seemed cool for about a week --
which is the time it took for one of the girls to almost fall in.)

8.  Painting the bedrooms
(Showing what a mama can accomplish during a 1 hour nap- time!)
Lil' N's Room:
 Lil' R's Room:

9.  Painting the Master Bedroom: 

10.  Adding the Hallway Closet
 (Hubby turned this wasted area into much-need closet space.)

I'm sure there will be many more projects to come. 
But as I look around, I'm so thankful for the many ways that this house has turned into our home. 

Top Ten {Tuesday}



  1. WOW! You have worked hard!! You've done a fabulous job updating and upgrading!

  2. Goodness! You guys have done a lot of work! Great job!

  3. Amazing! You've been busy! lol You're house looks amazing! I've always wanted an outside pond but they can be scary and dangerous and they bring more bugs anyways. :)
    Love this post!

  4. Impressive! It's nice to see other DIY'ers out there! I'm living in the middle of an ongoing home improvement!

  5. Great job on the kids' bedrooms. You did that during nap times? Impressive...the back yard looks great, too.


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