Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Prayers for My 1st Grader

Last night, the backpack was waiting by the door, the clothes were laid out, and everything had been double-checked.  Lil' N was sleeping soundly, dreaming of the first day of first grade.  As I headed upstairs to my own bedroom, I felt compelled to stop in Lil' N's room and pray for her day; to place a blessing upon her year.  And as I prayed, I realized I'd asked God for 10 things for my sweet girl:

(1) The Lord bless you and keep you.
(2) The Lord make his face shine upon you.
(3) I pray you'll be a leader,
(4) a learner,
(5) and a lover of God.
(6) I pray you'll be kind,
(7) and caring,
(8) and compassionate to others.
(9)  I pray you'll be blessed this year.
(10)  And I pray that you'll be a blessing to others.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. Super sweet! My first grader starts on Thursday and I will be praying over him for sure!!! All the best.

  2. What a beautiful post and love your heart!

    Have a great school year!


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