Friday, June 18, 2010

Fingerprint Friday

Today was a gorgeous day.  After a stretch of not-so-summery summer days, it was a blessing to soak in the sun.  Lil' N and Lil' R were having a wonderful afternoon playing outside, and while I had a ton of work to do, I wasn't about to let them have all the fun.  So as the girls played in their water table, I moved all my work to the patio table and was able to work and enjoy the sun.

In the midst of slip n' slides and water tables, I checked out The Rusted Chain blog  and read Beki's "Fingerprint Friday" post about finding God in our everyday lives.  And then it hit me:  my blessing for the day.  What a wonderful glimpse of God's love for us that He gives us such joy in our lives.  I had the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic summer afternoon with Lil' N and Lil' R...and still managed to get my work done. 

Here's a look at the view from my "desk" today!


  1. That's great that all of you could be outside on such a beautiful day! I just took a walk with my dog, and we enjoyed the sunshine so much. God is good. ♥

  2. Aren't those little moments amazing!! Good for you for recognizing it and soaking it in.


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