Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rockin' it out at VBS

We just finished a week of Vacation Bible School.  I am exhausted, but exhilarated.  We had a great, great, great week!  What a wonderful bunch of kids....and what an amazing staff of volunteers!  A-MAZ-ING Week!

Our theme this week was Backstage with the Bible, which is published by the Go Fish Guys.  The music was great, but what was truly great was the way it really got the kids into the word.  I overheard a group leader ask, "Who wants to look up this verse for us?" and a chorus of kids shouting, "Me!  Me!  Me!"  The kids knew the points for each day, and they memorized the verses.  I felt like we were really sending them away with something to hold onto.

At bedtime tonight, following our closing program, Lil' N (age 4 1/2) had this to say at prayer time:

"Dear Jesus, Thanks that you made us superstars and that you made us in your image.  Thanks for giving us the 10 commandments.  And thanks that you sent Jesus, cuz we broke the rules.  And thanks for what we learned on day 4, and thanks that you told us to go fish -- but not for real fish, but for people.  Amen."

Here were the lessons for the week.  (Pretty good recall, don't ya think?)

Day 1 - Superstar: God made you in His image.
Day 2 - 10 Commandments
Day 3 - The Cross
Day 4 - Saved By Grace, Through Faith
Day 5 - Go Fish

Yay for VBS!   

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