Friday, February 25, 2011

Spread the Love

I'm sorry to keep you in suspense.  Because I'm sure that you've been up at night wondering about what my family did for Valentine's Day.  (sarcasm intended)  But alas...we've been dealing with sickness and doctor visits and ear infections and antibiotics around here, so I haven't had a chance to share our wonderful, family Valentine's Day celebration.

You see, this may possibly have been my most favorite Valentine's Day ever.  I had a wonderful night...with the whole family.  A little background:  typically, we're pretty slacker-ish about Valentine's Day.  We typically don't go out to dinner and the day typically doesn't involve roses.  But this year, I decided that the day could only be as fabulous as I was willing to make it.  So, we began to make plans for our family dinner.

We decided that we would use the good china...and get a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  (Doesn't everyone eat their pizza on fine china?)  The girls made some fabulous table decorations and helped to set the table.  We put on some mood music.  And we dressed up for the occasion and waited for the arrival of the hubby.

To our delight, Hubby arrived home early! (A rare treat during this time of year.)  Also to our delight, he came bearing gifts...boxes of chocolates for the girls and a dozen roses for me!  (Did I mention that I NEVER get roses on Valentine's Day?)  But because Hubby was home early, supper was not quite ready yet.  So we began with salad, which the girls declared was fancy "like at a restaurant." 

We drank from the fancy glasses, although the girls thought the sparkling juice was "gross."  We talked...we laughed...we had a great time.  Following dinner, Hubby and the girls cut a rug on the dance floor that is our living room.  (And then, there was a slight meltdown when the girls were instructed to put on their pj's.  But the rest of the evening was so great, it pretty much eclipsed that little lapse in decorum.) 

Best.Valentine's Day. Ever.

A toast!

Hooray for Valentine's Day! (And the conversation hearts, which Lil' N has jammed in her cheek like a chipmunk!)

Some after-dinner dancing...I love my family!


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