Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Dear Hubby-

Today's your birthday...yay!  I know you don't like to make a big deal of the "big day," but I do.  (My blog, my rules!)  I think I should take this moment to tell you, I think you're fabulous!  Here are a few reasons why....

You are amazing at your job.  The way your mind works impresses me.  Thanks for taking the time to explain politics and policies to me without making me feel stupid.

You are a super-duper dad.  Seriously, who knows how to have more fun than a big kid-at-heart?  You're a hands-on, tuck em' in bed, sing silly songs, and play great games kind-of-dad. 

You're a fabulous handyman.  For all those time I say, "You know what would be great...."  you're the one who makes those things possible.  You've built me fences and new doors and ponds and closets and much, much more.  You're building our life around us.  That amazes me.

You're my go-to guy.  When your Vacation Bible School director/wife asks you to lead games, you do it (and all the kids think it's a blast.)  When I need you, you're there. 

You're my friend.  You're my number-one guy.  You're my favorite. 

Happy Birthday, Hubby.

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