Friday, April 15, 2011

Carseat Conversations {Easter}

Recently, the girls and I were driving in the car and heard this story on the radio: 

There was a young boy named Tommy who was frequently teased, and who never really seemed to fit in, even at Sunday School.  One day, his Sunday School teacher gave the class an assignment: go into the church yard and fill a plastic egg with an item that represented Easter.

So, the class scattered, gathering their items, and soon it was time to return to the classroom.  The first student opened her egg and a butterfly flew out.  The students were impressed as the girl told them how the butterfly represented new life.  The next student opened his egg to reveal a rock, and he explained that it represented the stone that was rolled away.

Finally, it was Tommy’s turn to share.  The teacher’s fear turned into reality as she saw that Tommy hadn’t found anything, and his egg was empty.  The other kids in the class began to make fun of Tommy for not completing the assignment.  Before the teacher could step in, Tommy spoke up:  “My egg is empty because the tomb was empty.  And that’s the most important part of Easter.”

At this point, my back-seat passengers piped up.  Lil' N said, “He’s right, Mom.  That’s the best part!”  Not to be outdone, Lil' R joined in.  “Yeah!  He rosed from the dead!”  (This made me smile, because even though the grammar was incorrect, the message of Easter was spot-on!)

It always amazes me how easily children can grab onto the main point.  As adults, we tend to complicate things.  But like the boy in the story, my own daughters, and the kids I work with each week at our church, children often see things more clearly.  The empty tomb is the message of Easter; hope can abound because Jesus rose from the dead.  



  1. Love it!Lil N and Lil R have very good teachers!!

  2. Don't you love it when your kids just GET IT?

    Thanks so much for linking up your story!!


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