Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Forget to Remember

Memorial Day is drawing to a close, but today I am choosing to remember the many men and women who have fought and died to preserve my freedom.  Their sacrifice has given me the chance to enjoy wonderful days like this one. 

Today is so much more than a work holiday or a day off of school.  It's more than grilling or picnics.  Today we've enjoyed all those things.  But I hope to pass on the real meaning of this day to our daughters. 

Growing up, this last Monday in May frequently included a trip to the local Memorial Day service.  Even now, I can hear the many names that made up the soldiers' role.  (Read by Neil - family friend, adopted grandpa, and birthday buddy- and the only voice that ever seemed right for that job.)  I can see the local AMVET troop presenting the colors and recall the reading of "In Flanders Field."  And for a moment, I stop and say a prayer of thanks for those soldiers who gave us all we have.

We had planned to attend a local Memorial Day service with the girls today, but morning thunderstorms forced a change of plans.  However, we were still able to reflect on the meaning of the day with some at-home activities.

Lil' N and Lil' R made Memorial Day mini-books.

We watched the National Memorial Day Parade online.
We made patriotic windsocks.

And we enjoyed lots of time in the backyard, once the weather cleared.

It was a fabulous day, 
brought to us by generations of service men and women, 
who have protected us and kept us free. 


Click here to see the free Memorial Day printables we used from Education World.

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