Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {Handmade}

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by.  Sometimes dishes and laundry and picking up toys make it hard to have a creative thought.  That's why I'm excited to participate in the Inspiration Workshop hosted by Maggie at Gussy Sews.   (Holy cow, there is some cute stuff to be found in her shop!  Some day, I sure hope that one of those cute, ruffley bags will live at my house!)

Each week, Maggie is providing a "prompt" to help in the search for inspiration in our own little corner of the world.

This week's prompt:  HANDMADE...

There are lots of handmade items floating around my house.  
But most of them were made by my lovely little crafters.  Lil' N, especially, is always making some sort of fabulous project.  But usually, the handmade goodness doesn't come from me.

Photo credit:

This week, I came across this adorable flag shirt project.  Now I cannot wait to make these for Lil' N and Lil' R!  (And maybe for all their cousins...we'll see how it goes!)  For the full tutorial, visit Make It And Love It.  I have a feeling I'll be perusing that website often.  And perhaps, there will soon be pictures of my lovely ladies sporting their very own ruffle-flag shirts!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
For more information about the Inspiration Workshop, 
click here.


  1. How fun are those shirts with the 4th of July coming up?!

  2. Now those are the kind of clothes that make me want a girl! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to over to check out the rest the projects now!

  3. That would be so great for July 4th! I love looking at all these great finds.

  4. I love this! Great inspiration.

  5. i made flag shirts with my preschool class for a patriotic themed program they are so fun.

  6. Very very cute!

    Came over from Gussy Sews and now following!


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