Thursday, December 15, 2011

Third Thursday Thoughts {Not Alone}

 Once a month, I link up with Hearts at Home's "Third Thursday Thoughts"  They provide the topic, and I share my thoughts on the subject.  This month's topic is "When did you realize you weren't on your own in this journey called motherhood."

There was a time when I felt very along in the land of motherhood.  Hubby and I became parents before most of our friends, and for a while, it seemed that few people "got" us.

Slowly and surely, that's changed.  It crept in quietly, until one I found myself surrounded by other moms...friends who truly understand.

They're the ones who can commiserate when the kids won't sleep.  And the ones I can call when I desperately need a babysitter.  They send emails of encouragement, leave notes on my Facebook wall., and whisper prayers on my behalf.  They understand the joy in coffee and conversation.  They offer advice when asked and support as needed.

These are the people who bless my life in such sweet ways.  

Thanks, mommy-friends.  I hope I am able to give you even a fraction of the love you've showed me!



  1. Yes, real friends -- those who've been there and can understand at least a bit of what we're going through -- are such a blessing!!

  2. aah...mommy friends...the ones who truly DO understand!

    Thanks for sharing!


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