Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not So Subtle

We've been watching a lot of "Tangled" at our house lately.  It is a current favorite; the girls love it and Mommy likes it (which means the fall-out for watching it again and again and again is minimized.)  Lil' R is currently growing our her hair to be "like Rapunzel."  And both girls have begun planning their Tangled-themed birthday party.  (You know....the party that won't be taking place for 6 MONTHS.) 

One of the parts of the movie that always gets a big laugh is the way Rapunzel wields a frying pan like a weapon, keeping Flynn Rider in line.  The girls giggle and giggle, and love to repeat the quote, "I've gotta get me one of those." 

A frying pan to the head isn't very subtle, but it sure gets the point across.  And lately, I'm beginning to think that I may have been missing some of the more gentle whispers from God.  Because the last week, I seem to be seeing reminder after reminder of my need to be PATIENT with the girls...the reminders that seem to be coming like a shot in the arm, a big banner flashing in my face, or a flick to the forehead.

As I was lamenting about our 4th visit to the school lost-and-found, to search for Lil' N's missing mittens, I saw this on Facebook:

Oh my.

After yelling about something-or-other, as my Wild One bounced from room to room, I saw this on one of my favorite blogs:

From:  (in)Courage

Um, hmm.

And after a morning of child-wrangling to make it out the door to school, I saw this on Twitter:

Ah, yes.  More patience.

Apparently, it's a "skillet-to-the-skull" kind of week. 


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