Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I was cleaning out Lil' R's backpack, getting her ready to head back to preschool after a week of spring break when I found IT.....

the thing that caused my mommy-heart to drop into my stomach.

This note....which I hadn't seen....which I hadn't put on the calendar....had just put my morning into a tail spin.

Because I work outside of the home one day a week.  And that day was today....the same day as "Special Persons' Day" at Lil' R's school.  And I had just royally screwed up.

It was too late to make other arrangements.  It was too late to call someone else.  It was simply too late.

So I did the only thing I knew to do: I cried.
Next, I tried to explain why Mommy wasn't coming.
And then.....I was shown grace by my four-year-old.

She sweetly told me it would be okay.  And was amazing when a friend's mom offered to be her "special friend" too.  And was all smiles and joy when I got back to pick her up.  My sweet, gracious, angel.

Here's the truth:  Mommy-guilt got the better of me for a while today.  It had a strong hold on my heart for most of the morning.  But I have decided that guilt will not win.

I have been shown grace...by my daughter...by my Savior.

And now I must give it to myself.


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