Monday, June 18, 2012

When Life Hurts Too Much (7 Days of Hope #7)

Today is the last day in our 7 Days of Hope.  Thanks for reading along with me!
If you want to catch up, you'll find the other six days here:

As I type, I can hear my girls downstairs, giggling and talking and playing together.  These are the sounds that make this house our home.  It's easy to smile and be happy and content on days like today.

But what when the bad things come?  What about when life gives us little to smile about?

Our family hasn't experienced the kinds of loss and sadness like Brooke describes in this chapter.  But there have been tough times.  There have been days when I was unsure what the future held for our family.  There have been moments when I've said to God, "I know you have a plan for us, but do you think you could let me in on it?  Because I'm having a hard time seeing the big picture!"

In this chapter, Brooke describes moments when she's felt like walking away from God; when she's questioned God's goodness.  But then she writes:
"The question that always stops me is this:  if I turn away from Jesus, where do I go?"
Where else would I turn?  Where else would I be?  All that is good in my life is from Him.  So, when life hurts too much, when life is hard, then next to Him is STILL the place I most need to be.  Even when I don't understand, and even when I can't see the path ahead.

In this moment, when life seems good, I hope and pray that my response will still be the same when storms come my way.  Will I be able to say, like Brooke, that,
"I follow Jesus not because of what He can do for me, but because of what He's already done for me on the cross."

Let's Chat:

~Have you experienced hard times in the past?  Share some of the tings you've been through lately...your hurts, losses, or disappointments.
~And tell me:  which of the 7 chapters of Hope for the Weary Mom spoke most clearly to your heart?  


Thanks for following along with me on these 7 Days of Hope!  I'm so thankful to Brooke & Stacey for the opportunity to be a part of this experience!


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  1. Thank you Kristie for sharing your heart and leading others to Hope this week. I have been so blessed by your words. I know that it will continue to bless hearts in the days ahead because this is a place where Hope lives!


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