Friday, November 2, 2012

Roots (5 Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
The rules for 5 Minute Friday are simple:  Write on a given topic for five good minutes.  Then, let it loose into the world.  No editing, no revisions.  Just write and share and connect.  So here it is, fresh from my mind...5 minutes, free from edits on the topic of :


I'm typing in near-darkness, so as not to disturb the camp-out taking place on my living room floor. 
Tonight my pajama clad girlies are snuggled up for a slumber party ... just the two of them.  These are the moments I hope that they remember.  Little, created moments of joy and laughter and fun at home.  These are the times I want them to smile about as they sit together, twenty years down the road, sipping on coffee. 

Sisters first, friends always.  Roots that are growing from the love we're planting in the this house...and in this home.  I hope they remember this, someday.



  1. Beautiful! Love it. Those are the roots I come from, too...

  2. Oh how I remember those days of living room camp outs when my children were little. Savor those moments!

  3. Love it!!! My girls like to turn the dining room table or their bunk bed into tents and have a campout!:) precious memories!


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