Friday, August 13, 2010

If you're looking for perfect....

...then this is not it.  I can try and pretend that I have it all together, but I don't.  A quick glance around our house will show you that.   This week, you would have seen:

~ the dining room table being used as a laundry-folding station
~ popcorn on the living room floor from movie night *ahem* several nights ago
~ piles of clothes, toys, and bedding as I attempt to pack for our family vacation
~ and a front yard that was beginning to look like a jungle.

This week, I have felt completely un-with-it.  Luckily the blogosphere (which sometimes fuels my feeling of inadequacy) set me free this week.  I read about how sometimes things fall apart and about sometimes we don't get everything done that we think we should.  And I realized, I'm not the exception, I'm the rule.

We may not be perfect around here.  But we are perfectly happy.


  1. hi! following you via nff... enjoyed your post about kindergarten coming up. that was how i felt too. then i felt the same about 1st grade. now 2nd grade!

  2. I love hearing about other people's messes. Makes me feel better about my own!



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