Thursday, April 21, 2011

Third Thursday Thoughts {Everyday Miracles}

We often wish for miracles in our daily lives.  We pray...we hope...we cry...we groan...we wait.  And yet, when they show up, we are often unprepared to witness those miracles.

I find that I'm always hoping that God will send a miracle in my life that looks like something straight out of the Old Testament:  a pillar of fire, manna from heaven, the sun that stops in the sky.  Perhaps our culture's mantra of "impress-me-in-a-big-flashy-way," is causing us to miss the point.  We're too busy looking for a message from God written in the sky like the trail of a sky-writer.  Maybe there are everyday miracles all around us, and we're just not paying attention.

When I think of everyday miracles, the first thought in my mind is our daughters.  How often have I taken for granted their uncomplicated birth, their good health, their quick minds, and their joyful personalities?  Yet miraculously, these are the faces I look into every day.  For now, God has entrusted them to me.

When I think of all the times I've heard the perfect song or a perfect verse or talked to just the right person at the perfect moment, I know that God's been at work.  Those are everyday miracle.  His hand is over me, around me, and guiding me in ways I will never truly understand. 

When I've observed friends and family who have battled the mighty foe of cancer and have come through victorious, I'm amazed.  And I'm even more in awe as I watched their strength along the way and their unwavering faith in God. doubt.

More and more, I am discovering that if I am waiting for a voice from heaven to proclaim, "Here is your miraculous sign," I am missing out on so many everyday miracles that God is placing in my path.

"I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”  
Psalm 44:12


  1. You are so right that I'm waiting for big and flashy from God when he's usually working in quiet and small ways.

  2. I agree! Little miracles are all around us! Thanks for the reminder.


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