Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Fun Run

Last weekend, Lil' N and I had the opportunity to participate in the Family Fun Run, 
a part of the many activities surrounding the Twin Cities Marathon.

Lil' N was extremely excited to participate.  
Before we left home, she made sure to stretch out....
(One picture simply would not have been enough to
highlight the complexity of this stretching routine!)

The weather was gorgeous!  What a great day to be outside! 
We joined up with Lil' N's school at the State Capitol grounds.

Soon we were ready to begin!  

Lil' N did a great job...she was able to run almost the entire race (one mile).

Lil' N - just after finishing the run - with her medal!

Then, of course, it was time for an after-race snack!

What a fabulous fall morning! 

(Lil' R is already planning for next year, when she can participate.  
I guess that means Hubby's gotta join us, too!)


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