Friday, June 15, 2012

Why You Can't Live at the Spa (7 Days of Hope - #4)

Today, we're on Day 4 of the 7 Days of Hope
This chapter is near and dear to my heart.  Several months ago, it was my turn to share a devotion at a meeting.  I had recently received a copy of Hope for the Weary Mom, and I knew immediately what I would share.  The chapter "Why You Can't Live at the Spa" was speaking to the exact place that my heart was at in that moment.  

The day of that meeting got off to a rocky start.  I was a bona fied "weary mom" by nine in the morning.  While driving to work and listening to the radio, I heard the Nick DePartee from the group Kutless speaking about their song, "Carry Me To The Cross."  He said that in the process of writing the song, they kept coming back to "how huge it is that the God who created the universe and everything around us, steps into our daily lives and carries us through everything that we go through."  It was in that moment that I decided that this song would be my weary-mom anthem.  

So at my meeting, I shared this chapter and the lyrics to this song.  And I passed out copies of this verse, which has become one of my favorites:

Being a mom is SOOOOO much about pouring out a part of your life.  It's amazing to know that Jesus GETS that.  He understands how it feels to give and give and give and not always get a lot back.  It encourages me to know that I can turn to him and He is the one who can fill me up.

Because he's been poured out, he understands perfectly how to fill me up.

Let's Chat:

-How often do you retreat into the comfort of God's Word?
-Do you see God's Word as providing you with comfort?  Why or why not?



  1. So not a coincidence that this song has spoken to my Weary Mom heart, too! I was thinking the same thing -- this is our anthem.

    I wonder if Cutless had a clue that Weary Moms would need it! :)

    Thank you for sharing this chapter with your group. Don't you love that Jesus understands us. It brings such HOPE!

    Thank you so much Kristie!

  2. I love that song!

    Music always speaks to me, but when I am so weary that I can't seem to find words to pray, I sing, I praise Jesus' name. Sometimes I sing just to drowned out the frustration in me that wants to scream out that Life is not fair. I am learning to seek His presence everyday so when the trails of this world are upon me, I know I am already in His presence and I am prepared for what life bring me.


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